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Did I place $2000 in IRA in that year while paying down that debt? No. I paid it April 14th for that previous year. If you can pay down that credit card in a year's end, you have the extra months to recoup your time.

I'm telling you true on this one... you need a second job, part-time. It's a must! This is the only way the debt is going to disappear! Most of us could psychologically get a big-time budget going with a goal in mind. when you drag it out, you lose hope and become depressed. A "get tough" solution will save you interest and time. The faster you pay it back concept is the surefire way to financial freedom. That $2000 is a waste if it was supposed to pay off a good sized chunk of credit card debt. You could make up that $2000 later in a good quality Mutual Fund later on , anyway even though it isn't tax-deferred if after Apr. 15th.
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