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What is Wordpress? provides tools and a server to create a free blog. Those geeks with computer skills can easily install it on a different server and have more control of content and search engine optimization.

Secondly, what is a web report generator?

Generically, a web report generator reads the logs captured by the servers (who was here, what did they do, where did they come from, what browser did they use, and much much more) and provides a formatted report you can use to measure and optimize your website.

Nothing that you do on the internet is not recorded and analyzed by anyone with an interest. NOTHING. If they come to your site then you can use that information to see if you are not only getting people to visit, but getting the right people... and how they got there, which may be just as important. The last visit I got today from Google was someone who searched for "going short the spx 7th may 2008". I assume the keywords I've choosen are pretty good if someone types that and ends up at my blog.

Here is an example of what is logged: - - [30/Apr/2008:22:20:47 -0400] "GET /blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/spx_range_angles_st_22apr08.png HTTP/1.1" 200 16402 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_5_2; en-us) AppleWebKit/525.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.1 Safari/525.18"

Thirdly, what is an ssh shell?

It is a shell you can use to log into your server and do computer geeky things to change and optimize your website. If you have to ask what it is, you are probably not computer geeky enough and should just pay for someone like Wordpress to manage the nutz and boltz. Wordpress is free, but they charge a few dollars for non-basic stuff.

Fourthly, what is a cPanel?

cPanal is a graphic interface that allows only somewhat geeky people to manage and optimize their website. You can see a demo of it at

Fifthly, what is a php script?

A php script is a geeky file that tells your computer to do things - usually associated with your website. Geeky people who maintain their own version of Wordpress can change these (or write their own) for doing tasks specific to their website.

Wordpress blogs (and probably most others) store posts and other information in a mySQL database that resides on the server. The php scripts pull out data from the database, form it into HTML, and pass it on to the requesting browser. Do a "View Source" from your favorite blog page (or this page) and you will see what your browser sees.

As a simplistic example, the php scripts are broken into "header.php", "body.php", and "footer.php" which are called from the "index.php" script. A geeky nerd can edit the header.php file to place the keyword and description meta tags he/she wants to show up at the browsers (and also to robots and spiders). The game is to place the right keywords in the content and meta tags such that Google, Yahoo, etc. know of the blog and send information seekers to the site.

Lastly, the post you linked to did not explain how you generated the traffic to your blog. Would you care to share?

Content. Content. Content. You must provide content that provides some service to people. You can use your blog as a diary to capture your thoughts about "stuff". But really, who wants to read that besides you... and maybe your family? You need to provide some reason for people to visit your site.

You also can find similar sites and ask to cross link - you link theirs and they link yours. But if you link to ten sites that get 10 visitors a day you won't really get that many readers. You need to get a base on your own and then make a deal with a big site who can bring in thousands of hits. But, remember, you need something to offer that big site before they will add your link.

It is easy for me because there are not many people who do what I do, but thousands around the world who want to read about. I've posted here at TMF for years and some come from here. I posted a notice to a couple other forums - just telling them there's a new blog in town... My traffic comes from those who read these forums, search engines, and word of mouth. I am also doing it for fun and don't need to make any money to pay the mortgage - which makes it much easier.
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