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What program, how much?

To start, we can start with Congress. Congress spends $400,000 each and every year for a Chaplain service - the folks that say a 30 second 'prayer' at the beginning of the daily session (and which no one is usually at at that time). Eliminate that, and you are off to a good start. Let's see....30 seconds of prayer, maybe 150 days a year, is 75 minutes of work, and they are paid $100,000/yr, so that is about $1,300 per minute or more. Not bad work.

Then, we start with military programs where the military doesn't want the airplanes/ships, and they have to take them anyway because they are made in the congressional district of the congressman running the committee.....lots of examples here...and lots of hardware sitting around that the military didn't want, but congress had to buy.

After that, we go after congressional junkets around the world....some congress people travel 50 days a year....with staffs of 20 or 30 people. BAli, Australia, Europe, Africa, wherever.

Then we get someone like Dick Cheney to go over department budges item by item, and get the boondoggles stopped!

And we get programs at the state/local level where they are two to three times more efficient at using money.

Gore wants a national gun registration department next. Only the criminals with have the guns (they aren't going to register them anyway, and if they can smuggle in 10 billion or more in cocaine a year anyway, whats a few million guns?). There are 10,000 gun laws already. We just have too many bleeging hear liberals who refuse to enforce them. People out on bail for ten prior armed robberies who, what else, do it again! GOre would have 10,000 people there making sure honest people register and pay tax (of course of course) on each and every gun. SOmeone has to pay for all that administration and snooping! YOU!!

That is another department of thousands of people snooping into everyone's life. NExt will come gun confiscation. They call them buy backs...heck, they never 'owned' them in the first place. how can they 'buy them back'. Consication is a better word, and Gore and buddies will set up a machine to do that, and make sure you are a compliant person willing to pay them for all the good things they are doing with your money. Stopping crime is not one of them. They haven't got a clue! But they will tax and spend and convince you that are doing something (like spendingyour moeny!)

In places where the local officials have gone to 100% enforcement on laws (no bail for repeat armed robbers, maximum sentences), gun crime has dropped more than 80%! Seems they realize if they are going to get caught and do jail time, they won't do it! The bleeding heart liberals keep turning them lose,saying please don'tdo it again. (oh, those poor criminals - had a deprived childhood so we don't want to punish them for that -

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