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I'll always have Doom in the top 10 favorite games of all-time. Not because it was the first awesome FPS, but because it was the first game I've ever played head-to-head with another live person.

I was in school at UGA, and knew little about PCs in general, much less about computer games. Then my friend Bob got me hooked. You all probably have similar stories: there he was, back in the shadows, and said in a low voice "Hey, wanna have some fun? The first frag is free--no questions asked. Come on and give it a try--everybody's doing it."

Since I never paid attention to the "Just Say No to PvP Games" campaign, I was an easy mark. Computer geeks like Bob were attracted to me like sharks to chum. In retrospect, I probably had "Will use the double-barrel shotgun instead of the rocket launcher" tattooed on my forehead. You need a frag? Invite me in the game. I'm your huckleberry.

But the Easy Mark started learning tactics. Never stand around in one place for more than 3 seconds. Know thy battlefield. Always look for more firepower. The double-barrel is one helluva weapon if you're right next to a guy and shoot both barrels. When you get frag'd and respawn, run like a little girl until you find some gear. Soon, I was a worthy opponent. And eventually one to be feared.

Then came the trash-talk. Bob somehow got two computers in his apartment, and it was a free-for-all insult-O-rama. Who knew my mother wore combat boots while prostituting herself for her next hit of crack-rock? And I'm sure Bob never realized that his sister spent most of her time on her knees under my computer desk servicing my "Joystick." Great Caesar's Ghost, we would spend entire weekends killing each other, other friends, and rank strangers. Yes, I was full-on Doom addicted, and I wasn't attending no stinkin' 12-step Rehab. I got yer BFG 2000 right here.

How in the world did I ever pass my classes?

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I can't help but fall out of my chair laughing...

My first forray into PvP games was Quake. We had permission to play at work after hours and would pick one Friday per month to play. We would order Pizza and have it delivered. We would tell the security guard that we would be around and to have a slice on us.

There were many times when we would leave work around 11:00 at night, a full 6 hours after the building officially closed.

The best part was when you could hear someone from all the way across our 130,000 sq. ft. building screaming your name in vain as you ran through the gibbed pile of muck that used to be their character.

The scary part was when we would start playing during lunch... It was amazing that anything got done at work...

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