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I have been dripping Pepsi and Coke since 93-94. Not religiously or I would have a very healthy investment in both. I did get back on track last year and have dripped throughout 01. I plan to do the same this year. (Sold Wendy's and Dial drips a few years back to pay for my wedding)

Before I get locked outta here, I wanted to take your pulse:

1. What stocks are you looking to purchase this year?
2. What are you looking to offload?
3. Anybody else holding KO or PEP?
4. What sector do you feel the bargins will be in this year, i.e. banking, tech, oil/gas?


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My oldest stock is WMT, and it's pretty much the anchor. We got into it when my husband took a second job at the local Wally World to help pay the mortgage. Now that we changed our single family house for a two family, we don't need his second job, but we still drip WMT. We also hold CSCO -- bought it at rock bottom, thank you very much -- ELNK, KSE and HDI.

In one of those woulda, coulda, shoulda scenarios, I had a chance to buy HDI back when it first went public, I'd have a more than $3 million off them right now, but I was a poor working girl at the time who didn't have $2,000 on hand to buy a thousand shares. Dang!

Uhura :o)
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My crystal ball is broke. I will continue to hold my shares of ORCL and QQQ (jeez, what a dog). The only other individual stock I have is HLEX (Health Xtras). I got it during the IPO boom, and although it has lost 1/2 its value ... I am still holding it. The rest is in mutual funds. Since all of my holdings are long term... I don't plan on doing anything different. I don't plan on making any additional purchases. My new house is taking most of my money now, so I couldn't buy anything right now if I wanted.
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1. Might purchase some PEP this year. Was looking at HDI but it is now too expensive.

2. Might offload SUNW, MSFT if it gets any worse, or HD.

3. Not holding KO or PEP at this time.

4. Not sure of any bargains this year. America is still recovering from 9/11.

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Is anyone else investing in EFT's? I have been reading up on iBarclays indexed offerings as well as others. Are there any making $$$$? The few I have had the chance to look at are all waaaaaay down.

I think the small caps did well last year but will continue to look around.

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