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What is wrong with Intel?

Growing pains, I think they have lost focus, and are too big to still be quick on their feet. "Intel" views itself as THE mover and shaker in the CPU industry. "Intel" has gotten a big head, become self-important.
Why do I say they are too big to be quick on their feet? For one they have pushed the gigahurtz till it hurt, they have had such a facination on making a higher clock speed and using that as a marketing ploy, its now a hard habbit to break. Prescot's are slower than Northwoods, clock for clock, and in some cases a decent amount slower. Other areas almost as fast but not quite. Right now the right path would be to phase out prescott and push very hard for Dothan. Clock for clock it can hammer out scores very simular to Hammer. But Dothan doesn't have that big clock speed. It isn't any good at HT. So what? Look at the benchmarks for games, any AI threads and any program with a lot of branches. What will you see? P4 lagging hehind Hammer AND Dothan. Dothan is a moble only chip and I'd guess they could do some tweeking to the core for a desktop version that would be show better benchmarks. They would have to give up completely on the GHz thing though, but then agian didn't they do that anyway..kinda.
64bit has taken them by surprise and they put out an inferior 64bit CPU the prescott will probably be just as poor at 64bit. Instaed of doing it right they cut corners (ie. copied AMD instrution set and provided 32 bit addresseing with hardware Hammer uses 42bit adderssing)
Pushing DDR2 when it doesn't show any improvement of speed (DDR2 400 is SLOWER then DDR 400). Rushing chipset.

Intel needs to get their head out of their butt and focus on a product that is SUPERIOR to AMD. Now they are second class and rely HEAVILY on their INTEL INSUDE campain.

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