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Jerry and I just spent a wonderful afternoon with Verna and Dick in Florida. This is the 2nd time we have met in about 10 years and it was as if the 4 of us have been hanging out together for years. It was similar in warmth and friendship to our visit a few years ago with Cliff and Cat. I guess those of us who have continued posting on this board share a bond that is palpable.

Thanks Verna and Dick for driving up to visit with us. It will be the highlight of our Florida stay.

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Shelley, we enjoyed being with you and Jerry today. Boy, this board is really like a family!

I do think we enjoyed something special. We have only met twice in 10 years, and today, just as ten years ago, it's like we had known each other forever!

Folks, if you get a chance to meet up with other QS Board members, please do so. You will never regret it!

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