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Pokerden, Stillwater and any others;

I just started by DD on HTI a week ago . . . and in that time it's gone from 9 to almost 10.5.

After reviewing all of your posts it would seem that the stock would be pausing right now as we wait how the Roche deal goes . . or is a new deal imminent? or is the Chemophase trials looking good? What's driving the impressive gains?

Am I 30 days too late?

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The most recent drivers here have been:

1) The purchase of shares in a private sale by former New River management - this is RJ Kirk buying more basically. He already owns 10%+. There is serious speculation that he may try to acquire the whole company. He easily has the money after his recent sale of New River Pharmaceuticals to Shire for over 2 billion dollars. Kirk really seems to think the technology here will be huge. He likes these plays that can extend patent life for major drugs (this continues to be one of the biggest themes in all of Pharma).

2) The launch by Baxter of Hylenex in Opthalmic surgery - probably not a big deal financially but this stock is very news driven.

I have actually trimmed my position. I am up almost 4x from the initial purchase price on what I have left. Overall at this price it seems somewhat speculative to me. Could be a pullback if no new major deals materialize, but there is a real chance Kirk may buy the whole thing as his new vehicle post NRPH.

sw - owner of HTI in an individual account
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RJ's large buy has been the most recent factor driving the stock period.

Is now a good time to buy? I think so if you can stand a 10-20% swing down that may or may not come. As a long term play this stock has a lot of potential, especially if they can start getting roche milestone payments toward the end of the year.

The large cash position right now will allow them to carry out Chemophase trials without a partner and further develop the other enzymes they have in the pipeline.

I view this stock as a PDLI but with better management. Also it doesn't hurt that RJ has a good amount of confidence in this stock.

So yes I would get into this stock right now...but only with say 1/2 or 1/3 of what you are planning to invest...Through the summer this stock may drift down and you can pick up more...or it may spike up on news...either way hold off some powder to see what might develop.


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