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After jumping into CLTK without doing my homework, I have researched the hell out of the company and current opinion on the stock trying to figure out if I should dump it. Of course you need to make your own decision, but I'm keeping it for a month to see what happens.

Obviously you should check out the company website and filings, first.
However, I have gotten some useful information from the following boards. Be careful though. Some people have their own agenda and you need to take what you read with a grain of salt.
Yahoo (very active board)
MSN (supermodels board, under 'insights')
Just about any other financial site has boards.

The summary being that things will be up in the air until the earnings announcement coming up. (I think it's the 19th). Most people think the earnings annoucement will be positive.

The comment made earlier about the company being very straightforward makes sense. Their press release was very to-the-point and didn't give opinion. The 'experts' on the boards thought that the general information in the MSN article was correct. The company could have given the release a spin, but it didn't. Now I know why. How refreshing! I think Jon Markman is going to come out on Wednesday with a positive comment on the company. At least, I hope he will!

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