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Hello Fools!

I was just about to dig into some investing research when I found out that is no longer being supported. Are there other free sources for regularly updated annual/quarterly reports? The Fool seems to lag on these.



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Hi Jonathan,

When freeedgar went away, I shifted myself over to the SEC itself. is a good place to start...

Hope this helps,
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here's a link directly to the SEC:

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Edgarscan is another place to look:

PWC's formatting is better than the FreeEdgar site.

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Free site. If you use it heavily, they may ask you to register, but it's still free.
“Securities Information from the SEC EDGAR® database for sophisticated business professionals”
Filings by type (10·K/10·Q Reports, Registrations, ...)
Mergers, Acquisitions and Tender offers (14D/Fs, 13Es & S·4s)
Institutional ownership (13D/Gs, 13Fs & N-30s)
Proxies (Preliminary & Definitive 14A/Cs)
Late Filing Notices (NTs)
SIC Codes (Standard Industrial Classification Codes)
IPO Filings (S·1s, SB·1s, Prospectuses, ...)
Free site. No subscription required.
“EdgarScanTM: An Intelligent Interface to the SEC EDGAR Database. EdgarScan is an interface to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval (SEC EDGAR) Filings. EdgarScan pulls filings from the SEC's servers and parses them automatically to find key financial tables and normalize financials to a common format that is comparable across companies. Using hyperlinks we can go directly to specific sections of the filing, including the financial statements, footnotes, extracted financial data and computed ratios. A small (35 kilobytes) Java applet called the "Benchmarking Assistant" performs graphical financial benchmarking interactively. Tables showing company comparisons can be downloaded as Excel charts and registered users can store company portfolios for future benchmarking.”
Not a free site. Subscribers only. “Please call for pricing.”
“10K Wizard developed a proprietary software to search through the myriad of information available to the public via the SEC's EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) system. The results? Real-time access and the unique ability to perform keyword searches on up-to-the-minute SEC filings.”
Not a free site. Subscribers only. $1,200.00 annual subscription for Edgar-online Pro.
“EDGAR Online, Inc. (Nasdaq: EDGR) is a leading provider of value-added business and financial information on global companies to financial, corporate, and advisory professionals. The company makes its information and a variety of analysis tools available via online subscriptions and licensing agreements to a large user base.”
No longer a free site, despite the name. Subscribers only. One week free trial.
“As we have expanded the functionality in our EDGAR Online Pro product significantly over the last year we are no longer continuing to support the FreeEDGAR website. As a FreeEDGAR visitor we invite you to test drive a free one week subscription to our premium services. Just fill out the form below to get started.”
Not a free site. Subscribers only, $199.95 a year.
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Other's have mentioned EDGAR and 10kwizard, but Morningstar is often overlooked. Their link to SEC filings will redirect you to the appropriate EDGAR search page so the filings won't have any lag.

Morningstar also harvests financial data from 10-Ks. I've written web queries to pull these tables directly into Excel to populate my spreadsheet.

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