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Our company has decided to go with a Simple IRA, because, for us, the amounts we can put into it are higher than with a Sep.

My question is: Does anyone have any suggestions of companies offering Simple IRA's with no-load funds?

I currently have an individual account with Janus, but they do not offer Simple IRA's only Sep's. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg to set this up.
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My boyfriend has a Simple IRA set up with T. Rowe Price. All of T. Rowe's mutual funds are no-load and they also offer a S & P index fund. Here is the link to T. Rowe's Simple IRA information. I believe that Vanguard also offers a Simple IRA. I have my 403b plan with Vanguard through work, but I don't have any experience with their Simple IRA's. All of Vangard's funds are no-load as well. Their IRA information can be found at I am sure there are many more options out there, but these are the two companies that I have the most experience with.
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