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I was turned down for the procedure.

That's the bottom line. I put it at the top because, well, I don't know...

After contemplating & checking it out for quite a while & watching the cost of the procedure come down, I'd finally had enough of having to wear "reader" over my contacts...

Went to a fairly large outfit (forgotten the name, & not here to plug, anyway...) they gave me the free eye-exam & I'm thinking this is like a lasix factory, sign up, cursory eye exam, make a date, & whammo, you're done...

Apparently the "cursory" exam is not.

They discovered something my opthomologist had not. Had not found in the 10 (?) years I'd been going...that I have a corneal dystrophy in my right eye.

LSS: That was it. I was out of there...Nothing they could do about it (not their area).

So, I guess until there's a "low cost corneal replacement center", I'll be stacking glasses & seeing halos.

FWIW: Everyone I've talked to that's had the procedure raves about it...nothing but good things to say & thrilled to be able to "see" again.

Good luck with yours.

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"reader" over my contacts..."

that would be "readers"

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I have noticed my reading vision isn't as good as it was prior to lasik but I'm not certain it's related.
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Can you shed some light on what they look for in that 'cursory' exam? I've been giving this procedure some thought, and my insurance actually provides a sort of discount plan to help with it.

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