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Because she is going to be president of the USA. Your Mr. Buffett invests for the long term and he sees it before everyone else.

The Clinton's set this Gore guy up. Think about this: Al leaves in his limo to make his concession speech and they call him back because they have a plan. We find out that prior to the polls closing in Florida they had already had telemarketers calling voters in Palm Beach regarding the Butterfly Ballot. This means the plan was already in process and Al didn't know about it. Al is just the sucker. The Clintons think he's an idiot.

Hillary has a great setup for running. Al now spoiled, finished, trashed. GW is hobbled. Hillary's base is really pissed and will fight to get even in four years. Hillary is a genius. (But then so was Stalin,....etc.)

Watch Clinton's War room people screw Al in the end. Its only a few days away.

Hillary and Bill are blowing up the bridges as they leave the White House. And what are they doing in China? Getting more campaign contributions?

I predict Hillary will be president in four years. Look at New York.

She has a lock on these votes:

<Pro Choice
<Lots of women (just because she is female)
<Jewish (after Florida even more)
<Anyone left of center (Nader probably will not be able to do it again. Poor health or worse)
<African American
<Old people who will be mad after Cisco and Sun tank.
<New Yorkers (cause she be Senator there)

And she has the full faith and credit of the Chinese Government.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Buying silver is looking better and better Mr. Buffett.
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Buying silver is looking better and better Mr. Buffett.


I was almost taking you seriously up until this line....

Do you also have a shack in the Idaho woods stocked with campbell's soup and dry gunpowder?

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