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I believe KEI was way oversold given their earnings and good balance sheet. They also recently announced some new developments in semiconductor mfg testing and measurement that will help the big guys like INTEL improve QC and hasten manufacturing.

I think one of their biggest advantages is that by have a strong connection with the academic and commercial R&D community, they're on the cutting edge of new applications down the road and so they can stay ahead of the competition in designing and manufacturing new and improved test and measurment equip. That's why they had such a tremendous run-up when the fiber optic 'bubble' started to expand in 99/00. They were the first to market with specially designed ultra low voltage measurement systems for the amplifiers that are needed on long-haul fiber optic lines.

I have a PhD friend who's an engineer specializing in micro electromechanical motors. He says that Keithley makes superior equipment, highly regarded in the engineering profession.

Let's hope they have a positive earnings report on Feb 22. Have a nice day.

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pajac, I too have a bother in law who is an electricial engineer and says KEI stuff is really the best. Lets hope everybody els does also.
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