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Perhaps the Flossary <cough!> isn't the best location for this idea, but using it to create a stock wiki would be a good addition. Yes, I know, CAPS! And perhaps in the future melding the two together would be possible, but having a one-stop shop where you can get investing terms, or investment ideas, whether there is a community-updated catalog of stocks with in depth discussion of investments would be neat.

For example, you could look up Cisco Systems and find out what they do, what the latest earnings report was, the segments it operated in, maybe charts and graphs, tables of financials, plus the opportunity to express your opinion about the stock -- and all updated by the community -- would be a neat Fool idea.

So yes, CAPS would be the primary spot for something like that, but this here is a wiki and CAPS ain't, so that's why joining the two in the future would be cool.

Now there's actually a place on the Web that's just like this called Wikinvest, but it doesn't have the depth of community the Fool does and the instant success such a project would bring just seems like something the Fool should be involved in.

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Hey Rich,

Yup, we've (Jeremy, David, and I) talked about the same thing. It would be great if one day a company's Flossary profile was a tab on the company's CAPS page.

I can't wait to see how Flossary many possibilities!

Floss daily,
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