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They're going to need it. You will too if you bring the Dems back.

If you are a current or former state employee in the state of Minnesota, watch out. Your pension depends on hot air, sketchy arithmetic, and the willingness of future taxpayers to make huge sacrifices to cover the deceit, wishful thinking and sketchy math at the heart of your pension system.

According to a recent analysis in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune by Mark Haveman, Minnesota's pension plans, even after recent mandatory increases in employee contributions, are essentially hollow. Even using the state's extremely aggressive "assumed" rate of 8.5 percent annual return on its investments, the pension fund is about $10.5 billion short of being able to pay off its future obligations. For every $1 the state has promised to pay retired civil service workers and teachers, it expects to have about 79¢. The good fairies and the wood elves are responsible for coming up with the rest of the money.

Running out of Other People's Money is never fun.

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Fleg post about something you might have a clue about. Wisconsin's public employee pension is not one of them. Disclaimor, I am presently recieving a state pension. It is not a cadillac income, but satisfactory. For the last 4 yrs I have had it decreased based on its investment income and will get another cut this year. WI's retirement program is 99% funded and is rated the 3rd best and safest in the US. Deal with facts not with what is happening in other states.

By the way how do you defend your governor when we have lost private sector jobs for the last 6 months while both Illinois and Minnesota have gained private sector jobs along with the rest of the US?
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