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It's been one of those "put the wallet on ripple fire" kind of months...

3 month premium on health insurance due...
Bike/Equipment/Travel costs for the Aids ride
Trip to the vet for checkups for the two cats
Clothes shopping (once the weather warmed up, I discovered I had little to no work clothing that wouldn't give me heat stroke)

And tomorrow, I have two repairmen coming to my house.

But somehow, some way, and I can't even begin to explain it...

As of today, my non-mortgage debt has actually dropped $720 for the month.

And I shouldn't have to use my cc's for the repairs tomorrow. :-D (Even total worst case scenario on the repairs, I should still be able to at least *not* have my debt go higher for the month!)

Of course, this has me wondering - if I am able to do this w/ all these hits I took in the pocketbook this month, why the heck haven't I done better in all those other months??? LOL!!!

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