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OK. Time for a booster.

Well, it's late. In the morning, I'm going to get up & go west of here to the scenic foothills in Western VA. I'm going along with my faithful hound Eve L'Dog and my lady-friend. There is a hike (not sure how far) from a cheezy restaurant up along a (short) portion of the AT and up to the summit of a little peak the name of which escapes me. It's probably an hour's walk to the top, but the view is beautiful from there. When last there (at sunset) I snapped a shot of Eve L'Dog. When I took it in to be developed at a new pharmacy, they duplicated the photo to use as their grabber "This photo developed here" shot.

I'll be sure to report in as to how the hike goes. I plan to carry a 30# pack as training for the upcoming swamp trip. Should be a good time.

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All this talk about hiking is making me want to somewhere!

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