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If the Left wants to eliminate at a stroke the vast majority of heated, hated right-wing rhetoric there's a very simple way to do that: give up.

Interpretation: Do what the Right wants, or else!!

Get out of the way.

If you're note "one of us" go to the back of the bus!

Stop advocating the violation of individual rights every day in every way. Stop trying to get legislation passed that steals private property for the purpose of funding your favorite social engineering goals.

Vague rants of no substance, a la unabomber.

Stop extolling the alleged virtue of interpreting the U.S. Constitution in ways that further Progressive goals.

This is no longer a free country - you must think the way the amorphous "we" do. How dare you have an individual opinion, much less one different from "ours"!

End your advocacy of coercion through government.,/I>

Vague rants of no substance, a la unabomber.

Your cause is not noble, your methods are not virtuous, your philosophy is not just. Your ideas are more than mistaken; they're immoral, impractical, and unconstitutional. Change your philosophy and change your behavior and 'the Right' will have no longer have an incentive to fight back against your support for squishy tyranny.,/I>

You are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to have an opinion different from "ours" and we'll "fight back" against anything different from what we say!

Until then, you can expect the rhetoric to continue. A vocal segment of the American people will simply no longer sit back passively and watch their freedom get corroded away, one bad edict at a time.

In case you haven't gotten the message so far: Do what "we" want or else!

Until then, the intellectual revolution to restore it will continue undiminished.

This one's a real puzzler. Since the Right continually refers to the educated as "elitists," how they can now wrap themselves in the rhetoric of "intellectual revolution" is a puzzlement -- a puzzlement possibly brought about by the lack of education they deem meritorious.

Perren is dangerous.

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