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Town hall snoopers have the power to vet your pot plants and fridge: Officials have more than 1,400 powers to enter homes

Number of 'snooping' powers rose despite Coalition pledge to rein them in
Officials have power to enter home and check for plant pests under 2005 Act
Also have power to check energy ratings on refrigerators under reg

'Snooping' powers have risen and include the power to gain entry to check for house plant pests

'Snooping' powers have risen and include the power to to enter a home ‘to see if pot plants have plant pests or do not have a plant passport’ under the Plant Health Order 2005.

Another power allows officials to check the energy ratings on refrigerators under the Energy Information Household Refrigerators and Freezers Regulations 2004.

Officials can also use the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 to see if a garden hedge is too high.

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----- wonder we kicked British butt 200 years's just gotten worse since them. 1400 ways they can invade your home without a 'fine you' or give you a summons or a demand letter to change something.

Just what Obama and the drones want Nanny State.....

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