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I so enjoyed this post!

We talk about "brain damage" and not mind damage. And you can loose your mind without losing your brain.
Hmmm. My understanding of 'losing your mind' is being mentally ill.
If you agree, then the brain chemicals are to blame. In my case, seritonin is the culprit. My body produces it but for some reason it just 'falls out' so to speak. So, to be 'normal'(whatever that means!),
I need to take daily medication to replace it, or beef it up. If I forget to take it, in a day or two I am blubbering 24 hours a day about the world being better off without me. I never miss a day any more---
my family is hurt too badly. It's strange how one chemical can turn your outlook on life around. So, I believe the brain also controls the losing of one's mind. I believe the brain makes those chemicals-mstack?

I think that mind and brain are different ideas. We talk about "brain damage" and not mind damage. And you can loose your
mind without losing your brain. But certainly the mind and brain are intimately related. The scientific fact that I am certain of is
that you can't have a mind without a brain, but this is a weaker statement than saying the mind arises from the brain.


I agree that you can't have a mind without a brain. And that leads me to believe that the mind is stored in the brain. Which makes me think about the term 'soul'. Mind, will and emotions, right? Basically,
the 'soul' is who you are, what makes you-YOU! The question I have on this is that I believe that when the body dies, the soul and spirit survive until God gives us new bodies at the resurrection. I can't figure where our mind would be stored then. But a religious question
can be answered by God's ability to do what we can't. I just hate it when I come up with more questions for "my list" (to ask God, when I see Him)

Yesterday morning I woke up with the peculiar thought:

"You can't go to the grocery store and say to the clerk: 'I would like a pound of information, please'."

And I wonder: is information objectively real? Does information exist if there is no mind to be informed? When the first living
cell formed in whatever way it did, was there information?


LOL! You share a trait of my kids and I. You think too much! We share this type of question often! We think God should have put an 'off' switch on our brains so we could sleep at night!

On the 'pound of info' technically, you could get a pound of 'magazines'!:)

I would think that info is real, just like the laws of science. When the Big Bang happened, I believe everything ever needed for the universe to be was sent out. So, info had to be included. We are understanding
it little by little and once we hit a certain point, faster and faster as Daniel predicted. He didn't understand what he wrote in his 'book'
and asked about it. But was told to close the book and seal it for the future when "Many will go here and there to increase knowledge." I don't see increased knowledge to be new info, but that which always was and is being understood for the first time.

But I wonder what the materialists think they are talking about when they are talking about information.

The old formula was


The new one


Is it possible that the materialists have just renamed an old discredited concept with a shiny new name?
They left SPIRIT out of the first one(too religious-intangible)

Then the second one implies SOUL and INFORMATION are the same. They sort of are, but I personally believe that any Bible term has to go. I know--PARANIOD! Not from what I've read. And I don't mean 'religious'

Thanks for the laugh! Let's do it again some time. You know, I went back to the first posts today looking for the posts I laughed at when I first got here--those were happy days. Wish we could lighten up again.

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