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Xeikon has dropped from about 20 $ to less than 16 $ after Barron's published an article about it.
If you've read the article, what is the key content ?
The PEG ratio for Xeikon is 0.5. This is very cheap !
Who's got an opion on the stock ?
It is widely recommended by a great number of banks and brokers.
On the web, financial sites rate it a strong buy.
Your vieuws ?
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Hi there,
Xeikon is a Belgian company. As a Belgian citizen, I am a fan and I can tell you Xeikon is going to be traded on the Easdaq in February. I am currently planning a 'buy' but the problem is the high level reached by the US dollar in comparison to the euro. If you have no exchange rate risks. I think it is worth buying (don't invest your whole portfolio in that share though)
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