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this morning, not interested in food. I woke up at 230 this morning and even with Benadryl couldn't get back to sleep.....I wonder if it was Mother's instinct or just my usual insomnia?

ask for positive energy sent Sweetum's way.

I just emailed the vet and said she's been eating out of a new bag of Science Diet KD(Kidney Disease) Rx food and wonder if that might be it? Don't see any recalls on that particular product.

I feel like death warmed over.

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((((((((LD and Sweetums))))))))

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Sweetum's spent the night at the hospital. I was there a good part of the day. She was put on IV fluids and antibiotics. An ultrasound found a thickening in a section of her intestine which the vet said could be as simple as something she ate inflamed it, or as perforated or nicked the wall, to the worst case scenario of the lymphoma showing up there. There is no cure for lymphoma only a keep at bay(sp) approach by chemo/radiation to try and get it in remission.

Of course, my mind goes to the worst case scenario.

The vet called me last night with an update, stool sample had bacteria in it which would cause the enteritis. Sweetum's is feeling much better.

When I left her yesterday, she was wagging her tail which gave me some hope.

Coincidentally, the fellow in the hospital was moved to a hospice facility in early afternoon and he was having a sleepy day.

The thought of two losses in the same week casts a pall over me today and I'm trying to stay focused on the here and now.

I'll post updates as they come.

Thanks to those who send good wishes to my Sweetum's.

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