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Yeah, i'm not down with that. First of all they aren't going to tell you they're fanatics. Even if 1-5% of them are jihadist types, that's probably 95% higher than from non-terrorist countries. We don't have to import nutjobs. I would not be allowing immigration from countries with terrorist problems unless we were absolutely sure they were not jihadists or jihadist sympathizers. Remember those interviews after the London tube bombings, many muslims were OK with it, they might not have carried it out, but they sympathize. Why let people who might go off the deep end over a cartoon come here? I don't care how "smart" they are. You trust the FBI or whoever screens for this kind of thing to sift out the riff-raff? They didn't do too good with terrorist number 1 even after Russia alerted us to him and he posted a bunch of youtube videos about Jihad. I heard interviews with former FBI people, they were all, "you can't follow up with these guys, there's thousands of them and you can't scrutinize each one", basically making excuses. Europe is going to be in a heap of trouble in the next decade or so because of radical muslims, no need to repeat that here, we already are following them down the tax and spend rathole, no need to emulate everything they do wrong.

I certainly understand.

I do not agree, unless we are going to shut down immigration for this reason all together, and I am OK with that. Not my suggestion, but I would not argue against it. IMO, We really are at a point where we should only be doing targeted immigration for specific needs. Once you become a welfare state that is pretty important

Open unskilled immigration, is insane at this point in time. Period. Muslim, no Muslim. Whatever, does not matter where we get immigrants from, it makes no sense, unless we are taking in skilled folks. If they are skilled, personally I am still fine with them being Muslims.

If we are going to keep taking huge groups of unskilled? I am guessing the gangs in East LA kill more than the gangs in Detroit's Muslim provinces. A couple of mass killings is just publicity.

Wherever we import them from, if we keep a big immigration load of unskilled folks in a time where the need for unskilled work is dropping off the edge, get Europe's immigration problem, the Muslims are more their South America than radical bombers.

But that's an immigration problem, not a Muslim problem IMO.
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