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Yet according to you (apparently), we should never inquire as to the costs, or if the government is the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing a given goal.
Why is it wrong to ask these questions?

Please point where I said you should "never" ask these questions.

Indeed, it's not wrong at all to ask these question. It would stupid not to ask these questions, just as it would be stupid to call for the destruction of an agency without knowing anything about it. You wouldn't not anybody who fits in that latter category, would you?

Keep in mind: During Obama’s time in office, not one hurricane has struck the United States (as of the date of this article), and not one earthquake of a 7 or higher reading on the Richter scale has occurred. As we have pointed out many times, the U.S. is federalizing more and more natural disasters that were handled by states and localities from 1787 to 1992.

It's a wonderful piece from the oh-so-highly respected and impartial Heritage Foundation. Somehow they seem to have skipped over the largest wildfire in the history of Texas, the midwest flooding in North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Missisippi, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Alabama, the flash floods in Tennessee, Arkansas, Iowa, and Kentucky, the mud flows in California, the tailings dam collapse in Tennessee, flooding in Vermont, and tornadoes throughout most of the mid-west last spring.

Why would that be? Are they being dishonest? Or is the person who quoted it being dishonest? Or are we to pretend that the only things that count are "earthquakes" and "hurricanes." (Given that we've had a major one of each in the last month, let's add those to the list to, shall we? Somebody be sure to send a note to the Heritage Foundation, which seems to be a little late with the news.)

I notice that now, for the third time, you have ignored the simple question: what do we do? Leave these people to wait on rooftops for the Home Depot helicopter to come rescue them? Hope that the local Baptist church has a crane big enough to lift a collapsed house off the people inside?

I also notice that you haven't bothered thinking any of this through. Nearly all of the states listed above have Republican governors, Republican legislatures, and yet somehow they keep asking for FEMA help, probably because they're not equipped to deal with everything themselves. Why should Maryland be ready for an earthquake when it hasn't had one in 100 years? Why should any state have to prepare for every possible eventuality - so we have 50 states all preparing for the same thing at some exorbitant cost.

This is the Republican dream? No, I think it is the nutter's dream, so beautifully captures and personified by the cheerleading squad on this board, who, like the mindless kids in short skirts on the sidelines don't really understand anything about the game, but go on yelling sis-boom-bah to the equally clueless fans in this tiny little dysfunctional corner of the Fool.

Ask all the questions you want. When you get an answer, try thinking about things before you come back and make a fool of yourself.

Oh, and thanks for putting my name in the post title. I always appreciate the publicity, because lord knows, using my name to get yourself a few cheap recs is a great way to introduce yourself to the larger Fool community. Fair warning: most of them will have a lower, not higher opinion of you afterwards, especially if you continue asking such elementary questions and posting such dishonest tripe.
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