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You are so exactly right HLP. That's why I prefaced my first post.

And yet you continue obliviously on, like you're the first person to have the idea about coming here and preaching to us to have kids. Or like you should be applauded for doing so.

I expect that if we would just stop all this reproduction nonsense and quit having human babies in about 100 years or so we would all realize that not having kids was in fact the most beneficial way to go as a species. Oh wait, we'd be near extinct.

Get over yourself. The fact that a segment of society chooses a different path than yours does not mean that the human race will go extinct. We're OVERpopulated as it is.

I'm just saying that "Choosing NOT to have Kids" does not give you a free ride.

We pay the taxes that support the schools your kids go to. We pay higher insurance rates to deal with the demands that your and other families place on the system. We work later so that you can attend Junior's soccer game or school play. We pay the taxes that support your kids' college loans. And you have the audacity to tell me that I'm the one getting a free ride? Perhaps you should take a look at who's giving the free ride here before you bite the hands that school and in some cases, help feed the kids of this nation.

You are still responsible for society as a whole. Maybe you are best suited to help abused children, maybe abused animals, maybe young adults, maybe curing cancer, maybe curing aids. I don't know. But you should still help out. Giving back is the key.

Your presumptuousness in assuming that I need you to tell me how to give back to society is staggering. You don't know me or any of us here, so to assume that we need or want your preaching to us about the chiiiildren is stunningly arrogant. We don't want kids. We don't want to deal with kids. Get that through your thick skull.

Our society needs help.

I'm beginning to think that you need the help.

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