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You said your husband "has to" get a Honda CRV EX in order to have all the seat adjustment options. It appears that would be a CRV EX-L which starts at $28k+. For that price -- or less -- could you find something (new or used) that meets his seat adjustment requirements?

The 2WD EX is actually less than $25K MSRP and we'd probably end up paying less than that after negotiations, etc.

I'm fine with $15K for the Fit.

If I went ahead and made a big deal out of everything that wasn't to my liking, I'd be in a huge mess of trouble. To me, cars are one that the answer isn't "buy something that makes you happier" but "learn to get your emotional priorities straight and quit being resentful. It's a car."

My commute is about three and a half miles each way. So to prioritize the car is not really practical. If I had a 60 mile one way commute or something that took me an hour to drive (which, in NJ, could easily be 15 miles due to traffic), then I'd think differently.

My 2000 Civic is still going strong. By the time I go to buy a Fit, that might not even be the model that's out there. Same for the CR-V. There's a new SUV configuration that won't hit the US until 2014, and we're looking at that.

I'm not shopping for a car now, and neither is DH. But since we've been in the situation where we went from having a perfectly reliable car to a totaled one, we're always ensuring we know what's up with the car market. If we ended up in a situation where we needed a car RIGHT NOW, that's what we'd replace with. I'd rather do the research and have the discussion BEFORE we're in an emergency situation.

FWIW, DH doesn't want a CR-V either. He wants a Ridgeline or an F-150 Crew Cab. It's not in the budget.

This culture puts a HUGE premium on cars = status. I refuse to buy into that, but I also require certain specific features in my car. Must get me from point A to point B with a decent level of safety, reliability, longevity. Must play music, must have A/C. Must seat a minimum of four.

I will not buy used. I'm sure there are a billion arguments why it's a perfectly acceptable, good option with tons and tons of anecdata about how much people love their used cars and how I'm an idiot for not considering it. Fine. I've heard those, considered the arguments, and I do not choose to go that route. It doesn't mean they're wrong. It simply means that no, I'm not considering it.

I also have an excellent relationship with the Honda dealer I would buy from. It's located extremely close to my home and work, and they take great care of our cars.

I also won't buy a car that I cannot pay off within 36-39 months, and I will not saddle myself with a payment over $X per month.

Given the amount of money we currently have saved and the amount I will continue to save, the CR-V and the Fit are the current choices.

If the cars last significantly longer than I think they will, our ability to upgrade increases. If the dealer becomes more problematic, or goes out of business, I'll consider another dealer or car brand.

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