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Try this idiot. He proposes to 'build' God.

And to build his own extraordinarily simplistic moral system.

The hilarious part is that he fancies himself a 'conservative'.

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There is nothing in my theology that contradicts the teachings of Jesus Christ. I'm just building a theology consistent with my scientific training.

IN FACT, I intend to include the teachings of Christ in my developing church's techings and do consider THE CHURCH OF THE MODERN ERA as just another Christian - Protestant - church.

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I'm suprised you haven't brought up Gallileo. (Hope it was Gallileo! Otherwise I'll be crucified!)

The church threatened to kill the guy because he claimed that the earth wasn't the center of the universe. If one didn't know, it would indeed seem rather sacreligious to suggest that the pearl of God's creation were not indeed the center of things!

But time and time again, science is accused of going against God and his plan for things. And time and time again, that argument is held pointless as a result of greater understanding of the 'pearl of God's creation'.

Must be tough to be a Christian and a Scientist. Not because there's any real clash of truths, just because there are so many 'percieved' clashes! True science does indeed speculate on a great many things. Some of which might be wrong. But the whole agenda of science in the first place is to discover the truth of things! Whatever is wrong will be cast aside or used for future research. Don't worry about the scientists, folks! They have a higher sense of being open to the truth than most people!



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