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this was a personal situation between piney and me, imo she should not
have brought it to the board, but once she did, in addition to e-mailing her in depth, since it was out there--with my name attached--
i flet i should answr it, but in as oblique a way as possible........

whyat happened was: she was planning a trip to new york, and planning to be in nyc for one day.......but she didnt know whether it was a fri
or a mon..she was spending the wekend upstate at her aunt's....i explained that since i work, and since she wasnt planning to be in nyc on the weekend, the best i could do was was dinner on fri nite. she was
supposed to get back to me w flight plans so we could organise something.

more later,,,
someone's at ther door.
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No. of Recommendations: 2
more later,

More later? Oh dear.
Sash is exactly right, I shouldn't have even posted it. I planned to be in upstate New York for a family event, and wanted to meet her, do the family thing, and also see an old school friend. At the time that I was making these plans, I was simultaneously dealing with some work, family, and health issues that were upsetting. As a result, I lost my sense of perspective about everything, and wondered if I was being a pest by trying to arrange for us to get together. Part of my STUPID and UNNECESSARY anxiety about this arose from the exaggerated way that some people still talk around here. I thought it would be humorous to post some of this. I WAS WRONG. I still think it's funny in the abstract, the gushy way some of my acquaintances express themselves, but it was a mistake to try and link that up with a real-life situation. Especially one involving my favorite female friend-I've-never-met, sashamore.

As it turned out, my sense that something wasn't right about this planned weekend was prescient - only it was my aunt who "uninvited" me, due to a lawsuit my deceased brother's wife has filed against my father.

Now it's several weeks later. I have reduced my blood sugar by 400 mg/dl, lost 20 pounds, talked things over with my aunt, decided not to take the new job, apologized to sashamore for suggesting in any way that she - who is graciousness personified - had been anything other than graciousness personified. I'd REALLY like to move on, if that's okay.
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