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You're right, I "seed" the random number generator to produce a unique sequence. Since I seed it with bits from the computer's internal clock, a different sequence is generated each time. It's also possible to seed with specific numbers and get repeatable sequences, but I think that would defeat the purpose of our experiments.

Re statistical formulae, no, I'm not presuming anything except a uniform distribution of dice rolls. I actually "play" the games inside the simulation to generate all outcomes.

Here's the real result of more than 500 trials. I chose symbols to give you the maximum readable information in the smallest space -- if you want to use different symbols, let me know and I'll change it for next time.

7 means win on natural (7 or 11)
W means win on point
2 means lose on craps (2, 3 or 12)
L means lose on point

WW L W7W LLL W LLL 7 L W7 2L WWW 2L2 7 2 7 LL 7W
7 L2L2L W LL22 WW L 7 L W L 7W LL 7 L WWW7 22L 77
L W7WW7 2 WW 2 7W7 LLL 7WW 2 WW L W7 L 7 LLL W7WW LLL
W7 2LLLL 7 LL W LL2LL22 WW L 7WW 2 77 L2LL W L2
77W7W7W7 L 77 LL 7 L2L W L 7 LL 7 2 77W7WW 2 W L2 77
L22L 7W L W7 L 7W L WW7W L W 2LLL2LL W LL2 7 L 77 22
2 77777 L WW7WWW L 77 L 7 L2 W L W LL 7W L W L W L2
W L W L WW L W LL2 W LLL 7W L W7 L 777 LL22LL W7 22
77WWW7W7777W77 LL W7 L W7 L W LLLLL 7 L2 7 L2 W L2L
7 LL W 2L W7WW7W L 7W L W7 2LL 7WW L W LL2L2L22 WW
L2L2L W 2 7 L2LL 7WWWW L 7 LL 7 LL W 2 WW LLL W L 7
L 7777W L W LLL WW 2L 7WWWW L W L 7 L W L 7 LL2 W 2L
7 L 7 L W L2L 7 L 7 LLL 777WW L W L 7W L 7WW L 7 L 7
LL 7W 2 7 L2LL2 W L 7WW L WW LLLLLL 7 2L 7W 2L WW L
WW7 2 7 L 7W LL22 777 L22 7 LL 7W LLLLL 777 L W L 7 L
WWW7W 2L 77W7 L 7 LL W L2L22LL22 W 2LL W77W L 7 L2L
7WWW LLLL 7W L 7 2 W7 2 WW LL W 2L WW7WW77 LL2 7 L 7
L 7WW7W7 LL 7

Okay, the ball (so to speak) is in your court. What next?

- Jim

P.S. By mistake I downloaded the above pattern into my MP3 player. It kept repeating "Rick is right, Rick is right" until I smashed the damn thing to bits with a hammer. Imagine that!
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