No. of Recommendations: 4
.....Walker says we have promised almost unlimited healthcare to senior citizens who never see the bills, and the government already is borrowing money to pay them. He says the system is unsustainable.

......Asked if he knows any politicians willing to raise taxes or cut back benefits, Walker says, "I don't know politicians that like to raise taxes. I don't know politicians that like to cut spending, but I think what we have to recognize is this is not just about numbers. We are mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren at record rates, and that is not only an issue of fiscal irresponsibility, it's an issue of immorality."

...You know the American people, I tell you, they are absolutely starved for two things: the truth, and leadership," Walker says.

Actually, to the extent most Americans care at all, they want to be lied to. See it every day, who wants to admit they are ripping off their own kids? Sure doesn't help that Bush will miss his own budget forecasts by about 6-8 trillion dollars over his two terms. I don't see most people caring much about that. Zero traction on the campaign trail.
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