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I am on my 80th read of GorillaGorilla's great post...I should have it down in about a week or so.

I was hoping GorillaGorilla or BruceBrown or anyone knowledgable about the Intelligent Optical Networks and/or the Redback-Siara merger, could elaborate on this excerpt from a January Fortune mag article:

Each startup has its own way of handling different data in a single box. But by looking closely at a single company--20-month-old Siara--you get a sense of the strengths necessary for a firm to stand out in optical networking. Siara is designing six custom chips, each to handle tasks that now require several chips or even several machines; one handles optical-networking jobs that once required a separate so-called Sonet box, while others handle high-speed solutions such as ATM and frame relay. Siara's chips go into a single box, replacing perhaps ten boxes that were previously required. Besides consolidating the existing traffic technologies, Siara's boxes also feature cutting-edge optical technology--so carriers can upgrade their system while bringing on the best new stuff as well.

here is a link to the entire article:

My question is basically where Siara does/may fit into the intelligent optical network mix?

As a Redback investor, the lack of mention of Siara in GorillaGorilla's great post worried me a little.

Any insight or info into my Siara question would be greatly appreciated.


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