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... belligerent, hostile. For example, your country was never attacked by, ... say, Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Lebanon, Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan or Iraq. Your country does not subscribe to the ideal that war, except in self-defence, is a total waste; ... waste of human lives, waste of accumulated wealth. Wars also destroys truth and trust! There is precious little left when the truth and trust is lost, ... but I am certain that you already know that.



Now, now ... let's not reconstruct history. Korea was a U.N. action because North Korea had invaded South Korea and the U.S. was asked for help. Likewise in Vietnmam-- while not a U.N. action, the gov't of South Vietnam asked the U.S. to help them with troops. The North Vietnamese were trying to take over that country by force, which they eventually did as a result of the political weakness shown at home.

Libya? ... can't recall that we ever went to war with Lybia ... I do recall we put a rocket through Kaddafi's bathroom while he was taking a crap, and that obviously scarred him psychologically for life --never again did he try to mess around with us. And he was so scared when he saw what happened to Saddam that he "voluntarily" gave up his nuclear program. By the way, did he not blow up Panam flight 103 over Lockerbee; were not many americans killed in that barbaric act against civilians? and did not Lybian agents blow up a few americans in Germany at a disco place where American GI's were trying to have some fun?

Panama: Before the invation of Panama, Noriega, a known drug traficker had an American Military man, and a woman wounded and put in jail ... and he was getting ready to take over and block the canal ... is that not an act of war?

Grenada -- obviously, you must not have read how the Prime Minister of Grenada had decided to keep as "guests" U.S. students that were in the country. Would you think that Reagan was going to let that happen like what happened to good ole Carter with the hostages in Teheran?

Yugoslavia-- The U.S. was morally dragged kicking and screaming into Yugoslavia as a result of the barbarism of Milosevic with his ethnic cleansing .... or don't you remember? Germany and France (Mon Dieu!) had begged the U.S. to enter the fray ... so come on.

Afghanistan ... where was the guy who blew up the Twin Towers "vacationing"? .... you've got it ... Afghanistan. That is where Osama Bin Laden was. He was training more terrorists there to hit us hard again. Do you know what the virtue of prudence means? And the Taliban did not want to give to the Americans the fellow who had declared war on America?.... ... and I suppose it is o.k. for you that Afghans continued with their barbaric terrorism and the abuse of women and children?

Iraq ... why did the U.N. had 17 resolutions asking Saddam Hussein to come clean and comply with what he had signed back in 1991? Or is it that you forget that Saddam Hussein had used Chemical and Biological weapons on the Kurds and the Sunnies? He had weapons of mass destruction, and he had not accounted for them. He was given opportunity after opportunity.

If you screw around with us ... you are going to get slapped hard ... call it aggressive or what may... but keep that in mind. If you don't want us to be aggressive, leave us in peace. Next time there is a war in Europe .... call the French. Americans spilt a lot of blood in the first and second world war because the Frenchies were a bunch of cowards, and did not have the cojones to fight like men. ... and twice in the 20th Century did the U.S. had to come to the rescue of the "advanced civilization of Europe".

Historically, the European countries have been more aggressive and more barbaric than you give them credit for.

Unlike the Europeans, however, who held on to territory for the building of their empire, the only permanent territory that is held by americans today is that occupied by the 100s of thousand of deadbodies burried in Europe in defense of freedom.

Aggressive? .... If the U.S. were really aggressive as you seem to imply, your dearly beloved country of Canada would have been annexed like the Soviet Union did with the likes of Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, etc.

On the contrary ...the U.S. is a very magnanimous nation. And I point to two examples ....Germany and Japan today. Two nations that made this country bleed red for 4 years. And once they were defeated the U.S. pour billions of dollars of aid to assist their recovery ... is that being aggressive?

Madame Butterfly

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