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OIL shows GREAT numbers. Wells are producing and show outstanding future yield. Company is a PRIME takeover target and is MAKING money and the stock goes down!

If it was AMAZON and going through billions of dollars as a loss would inverstors and "The Strett" be happy then???

Go figure!!!!! This should be $50 to $80 stock. Even the stupid analysts think so.

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Unfortunantly, OIL isn't the only stock that I own, that posted great numbers and has gone down (look at IMPH).

I'm not so sure of a takeover, there are dozens of "little" oil exploration companies that are doing just as well as OIL. Though I do agree that the numbers are good, management has done well, and everything looks up. Hopefully, OIL is just lost in the "earnings season hype" and hasn't hit everyone's radar yet.

I'm sitting tight and I'll enjoy the ride up.

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