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(1) Fair enough... although I have not seen nor used the Clik!, the idea of very small, very portable 40MB storage sounds cool. As I understand, IOM did another one of these preannounce-but-don't-deliver things, but hopefully we'll all get a chance to see Clik! up close in the next few months.
(2) Fair enough again, but I'd still have to say that oustanding lawsuits can be a serious potential problem. Didn't Nomai also win the lawsuit/rights to mfg. Zip comaptible disks? After all, this is where IOM will make the killing - selling lots of media, and not just the drives...
(3) Here I disagree a bit. Back in the "old" days of DOS and the Mac, you used to be able to boot and use your computer off a floppy. Today's that's no longer really the case, even with the 100MB disks. In addition, with the proliferation of CD-quality audio, video clips, etc. off the Internet, storage requirements are simply going to shoot through the roof. Look at it as a percentage to today's largest hard disks... now you can get a computer with a 16.8GB disk. You would need 170 ZIP disks to back up your hard drive, roughly the equivalent of 170 old HD disks to back up those old "huge" 250 MB drives that used to ship with 486 machines. <grin> We may not need the space now, but I guarantee we will want the space in the near future.

I do have to admit that I recently bought a SparQ 1GB drive and love it. It is extremely fast (a bit slower than hard disk) but very transportable and very large. You can easily back up large chunks of CD programs, audio files, etc. etc., and the cost is right! You have a point that there is a large ZIP installed base... however, there is a MUCH larger installed base of 1.44MB floppy drives, and are many people still using them?

Because of these opinions above, I think...

(4) The Jaz2 product will be very important to IOM's future profitability. Here I need more information and clarity, but I see the cost and SCSI interface and the media cost to be serious issues! (Someone misposted that a 3-pack was $150. In fact, a SINGLE cartridge runs about $150, and a THREE pack will cost $400!!!) Who's going to pay that kind of premium?!

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z3 wrote:
<<(1) The Clik! drive seems to be the reason for the <snip>

<<(2) The class-action lawsuit for the product preannouncement and then stock drop. As I understand, <snip>

<<(3) ZIP drive seems to have had its 15-minutes. Several computer mfgs. seem to offer ZIP as an option,
This is what I really wanted to address. I keep beating on this poor horse over and over, but what <snip>
As to Sony beating out Iomega... well... I don't see that happening. I stated this in a post once before, and here it comes again:

It's going to take a serious change in the market before the huge installed base of Zip users trash their Zip drives in favor of a competing device.

<<(4) JAZ drive - ok so the Jaz2 hasn't been too big a hit. I hear this SyQuest SPARQ drive (only 1 GB) is doing very well... Any comments? Does IOM plan to make it more cost competitive? (both drive/cartridge)?>>
Where have you heard Jaz2 isn't doing well? My understanding is that the reason it hasn't been "doing well" is because there aren't enough to sell - doesn't Dell have them backordered?

Agree that Iomega really needs to work on making Jaz/Jaz2 more cost-competitive.

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