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In the last hour today, approx 900k shares traded hands ending a day where only less than 50k shares traded in the first 5.5 hrs.

What seems unlikely is that the price didn't sway too far in either direction given the total volume (13.74M according to Yahoo) and avg traded daily (59k).

Does anyone else find this strange? This bears the resemblance of instiutional trading for sure. One large trade up and one large down.


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This was the highest one-day volume in more than 2 years. I can't believe this didn't have more of an effect on the price, at least short-term, in one direction or the other.

As of 3/31/04, Wachovia was the largest institutional holder, with about 800,000 shares. None of the insiders own anywhere near that many shares.

Institutional trading - but I wish I knew who the buyer and sellers were. I can't find anything.

Thanks for posting this - I didn't know this had happened until I saw your post. If anyone has any information or comments about this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Mark D
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