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Well, I officially retired from my job on 4/1. So, I'm 11 days into it. So far, so good. I won't get my first pension check until about 5/1 though.

So, since this is mazske's 2nd retirement, this is what I'm doing.

I start a PT job next Monday. It's PT, but I'll have something like 14 days of training to get through first.

I'm also working on getting my real estate license.

I also own 2 single family homes that I'm renting and I'm also buying a triplex. So, I'm a landlord.

And, I'm a CMF for the Fool.

Sure, I have my stock investments, but since I've never made a lot when working, I don't have enough yet. My XIRR since 2005 has been about 16% though. So, my pot has grown, but not enough yet.

Plus, I'm 50, so what if I live to be 100? I want to make sure I have enough to last.

Oh, my first retirement was from the Navy Reserves back in 2010. I won't get that pension until I'm 60 though.

And, if you are wondering, my PT job is going to be with the postal service.

I'm also the guy who started this board a long time ago.

Fool on,

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And, if you are wondering, my PT job is going to be with the postal service.

Don't know what your position will be, but my SO is PT with USPS as a rural carrier. She has a 1 day/week guarantee as the Saturday substitute for the main driver of that route who has already worked M-F. But she routinely works 5-10 days straight by contacting the surrounding stations and letting them know she is available as a substitute driver for them as well. It is not uncommon for her to get 1-2 calls every morning. And yes, she does get time and a half once she goes over 40 ours. Not bad for "part time" work.

I mention this because once you get some experience, it appears that you can influence the level of work you actually do.

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