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While off dry camping, thinking my dual Interstate 6V Golf cart batteries were invincible, way early this morning, my LP detector went off, the one down on the floor, next to the stove.. No smell, a steady beep...

Turned off the water pump, beep cleared, light went green.. We'd notice the lights, all LEDs were a bit dim last night, but ignored it.. So with just the pump on, not running, it was the tipping point.. Refridge, heater control panels I noticed were off, so no heat, no refridge...

Went back to sleep, sort of..

Camping Cousin lady next door had made up a12' 7-Pin male to 7-Pin Female extension cord for her Expedition/Trailer, so she, before buying a generator, could recharge her trailer..So I borrowed it. Checked the meter, 7.5v, connected, started my F150, no change in the voltage. Wiggled the connectors, just in case, but no help.

Then wondered if I can close the slide, or get the tongue raised to hook up... I had added a push to read digital meter in the 12v line.. It read 7.4V.. Oops.. But, but DW puling as I operated the switch, we got the slide in..

Let it set a while, everything off.. It came to 7.7V.. Tried the tongue jack.. It groaned, but made it up high enough to hitch it up..

So with my handy, dandy iPhone, I google, looking for answers.. Found F150 discussions that what was needed on my '06 F150... A little relay, number 05 is needed.. Apparently it's not installed has to be added later..

Next step, see if I can unhitch...

OKm once home, I plugged into power, up zips the tongue, I unhitch survive!

So next to find the relay, next, find where to put it, see if it works!

Found diagrams showing where, it's under the passenger kick panel, which looks to be tough to remove, a strange thing, as it should be easy to acces the fuses, relays, any time.. Have to stand on your head, plus rip the cover off.. May leave it for my mechanic to do, he;s much more flexible! Relay #5...

What is great, we had a great weekend with family, took 5 or 6 sites, gathered, walked the beach a bit, shared tales, le the kids run wild, get to know each other, a bit of wine, songs, in spite of a bit of chilling wind.. And then to be able to Google the Fix, find where to look, all in the palm of my hand! After finding to relay information, then my cousin said, "Oh yes, the dealer put one in for me!" Oops, didn't say that before! So now we know!

Life, Camping, it's all a learning game!!

So I still need to pull the two 6V Golf Cart batteries out, have 'em tested, likely replaced, it's been 10 years, so they are likely overdue.. All connections I use No-Ox-Id on, so they've been solid, will redo with new batteries..

Whether I make up an extension 7-pin cable, not sure, but I like that from now on I will be charging the trailer while on the road..

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An education for all. Ten years on a set of batteries is great. Power is a challenge, we have four 6V batteries in our 5th wheel and installed three 160W solar panels to keep them charged while boondocking. Two panels may have been enough, but with the eight hour per night drain of my CPAP we didn't want to take any chance. I really enjoy sleeping AND breating every night.
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10 years on any battery is astonishing. I sometimes have to replace at 5, and consider it a victory when I get 7 or 8.

Which reminds me, I need 6 new tires for the rig. Last time (around 8 years ago) they were $300 each. There's plenty plenty of tread left, but I'm told after 8 years the rubber loses elasticity and you can experience blowouts. I'll probably push it, but I have to admit it worries me...
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I'm told after 8 years the rubber loses elasticity and you can experience blowouts.

I haven't heard this, but I'm new to RVing, I have been told tires last longer when frequently used because the motion & weight causes oils in the tire to circulate/redistribute. So I suspect the tire elasticity depends upon use.

Heading to Anza Borrego this weekend for a overnight trip with friends.
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I'm assuming that you have an RV and not a Trailer given the price you mentioned?

I would just be checking the sidewalls for evidence of dry rot. If there are any cracks or dry rot, I would definitely replace them.

Here in the Desert SW, we're lucky to have a set of tires last for more than a couple of seasons. The heat just kills them. Thankfully, I replaced all 4 tires on our trailer about 5 years ago and they are still pretty good. I have to add some pressure to them as the stems leak a bit.

If we planned on a long trip, I would consider replacing them, but since most of our trips are only a couple of hundred miles, I think we're good.

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Rather than rely on the rigs battery charger, when it's parked I shut that off at the breaker, and instead use a small'Battery Tender' instead, which won't boil off, ruin the batteries.. My mechanic has the latest test gear, so I'll take them to him before giving up. He got them for me, way back..

Yes, before we go off on any long trips, I'll replace the tires, a few years on 'em, bought them on our Canada.Banff trip in 2005 after a freeway blowout... So they are due, I think...
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Picked up a couple Interstate 6V Deep Cycle batteries yesterday, a bit under $300.. I'll put them in today, getting ready to do a weekend of dry camping the Thanksgiving weekend...

Last tuneup, Alex, my mech added the relay to my '06 F150, so now the 12v lites up while running. Couldn't find my 7-way tester, so bought another... Under $10...

Then, after the weekend, prep for winter, draining and checking all is closed up..
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