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Normally I would have posted this on the climate change board, but that board has been taken over by deniers (and two people who argue incessantly about nuclear power). Only a handful of sensible people post there. Maybe they lurk? I do. Anyway, I think there are like-minded posters here who might find this interesting.
First Floating Ocean Hybrid Platform Can Generate Power From Waves, Wind And Solar
German startup Sinn Power has developed a modular maritime platform able to generate renewable energy from waves, wind and solar sources. Starting later this summer, it hopes to offer solar panel manufacturers the chance to test and demonstrate photovoltaic arrays on a floating platform off the Greek coast as part of an off-grid energy solution.
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I know what you mean about the CC board. If you posted the story there, some would deny its need, others its efficacy, and some would claim that the project should be taxed out of existence because it is relying on the wind to create the waves that is generated by the overheated atmosphere provided by fossil fuels while at the same time denying CC.

Thanks for the interesting story.
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Very interesting -- and a refreshingly positive ray of sunshine (no pun intended) in the gloomy news that surrounds us.

It is marvelous to see advances like this, but I always have to wonder how well any materials can hold up against corrosion by salt water?

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