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No. of Recommendations: 3
1st response: "Pig" accusation.
2nd response: Chauvenist accusation.
3rd response: Issues

3rd times the charm...and Becky thank you for an insightful, thought provoking post, in my opinion. In the interest of length, I wont quote you 100%, rather I will stay consistent with your "order" of issues discussed.(On becky's #79 post)

1. It is not opinion, that both parties have interest groups they cater to. Getting 6 recs, OR doing the wave is not name calling in any form. It is FACT.

2. It is not opinion, that IF given a choice, many inner city kids would learn more, in a private or public school of their choice. You live in Michigan, where do kids get a better education? Mumford High in Detroit, OR Brother Rice in Birmingham? If you owned a business, WHERE would you hire kids from? This is not 100% Becky, I am saying in a majority of cases. It is FACT

Inequality is a problem, but there are only some ways to solve it. Not with redistibributing wealth. Not by throwing more money at a problem. Choice and competition is the problem. Look at the 80s, and domestic auto quality. The imports killed them. Today, imports still win, based on market share surveys, BUT domestic quality got alot better. It was not done by sympathy, or passing laws. It was done because of competition. Same for schools, if they fail, they loose $, and that $ goes to parents to choose for their kids.

3. The Horowitz numbers are official statistics. Im not in law enforcment, so I can't say pro OR con, which method works best. One thing that Conservatives believe, it is WRONG to pull one over ONLY cause of race. Liberals have paid lip service to this for 8 years. John Ashcroft, is going to force Congress to act on it. It is in motion.
In the end, Horowitz's numbers are about crime and population. FACTS.

4/5. My post #34 has nothing evil or hateful in it. Liberals, accuse others of racism all the time, as post #70 did, with the "pig" accusation.

I DID say that Liberalism should be exposed, to understand the true meaning of racism.

*About 12 years ago, in Detroit, their was a proposal for a "boys school". The male teachers, would also have served as role models, for many of the kids without a father figure. They would have seen them after school, even disciplined a little. It was to teach kids, who are missing that special teacher in life, HOW to be a responsible man. It would have helped a whole generation of kids.

WHO killed this idea? The ACLU, and N.O.W. Some of these boys probably did not grow up right. Had they had this school, maybe we would have saved a few. Instead, they are either committing crime, getting girls pregnant, or working in a dead end job. Odds are they are behing on their charge account at "Zale's Jewelers". Their credit rating is in the toilet.

That WAS racism on ACLU and N.O.W's part. As a result, these Liberal groups added to their constituency today.

6.Forrest Gump remark by ME. That has nothing to do with race. It meant, that if someone had read it rationally, instead of dealing the race card, they would have understood it. Forrest would have.

As far as NAACP, I stopped supporting it in 1991. It is a paid conglomerate of Liberalism now. It ONLY supports Liberal Colored People.

7. It was not a blanket statement. Sure, former welfare folks are still Liberal, but not ALL of them. My point is this: IF folks eventually need welfare, etc as a way of life...would that not make it harder for Liberals to win elections? YES. Go to Chicago housing projects like Cabrini Green, THAT is 40 years of Liberalism unchecked.

8. Well, on the 1st 2 responses, you attacked and accused. #70 was not censored for no reason. Yes, you are Liberal, I was saying that ALL Liberals are not into attacking. Most are, when loosing on issues though.

9.Condoms and foam. Again...not a romance board.

10. It is true. 33% of kids are from wedlock.

11. Nobody but God decides who is good, and who is not. In the meantime, NO ONE should decide to redistribute wealth to people who make bad choices.

IF, someone messes up, or gets the shaft in life, we SHOULD help them temporarily, but not as a way of life. The 1994 Welfare bill was AWESOME, signed by Clinton I might add.

12. You are onto something here. Dr Laura, who speaks to alot of the ills we BOTH are concerned about was boycotted by homosexuals and other. FINE, that is their rightn and it worked. I would love to see Americans rally against the crap that poisons our Country. IF a network promotes the "single mom" thing, and the 'love her and leave her' thing, lets go for their throat.

13. Bless you for your empty room effort. I have not done that. I HAVE hired and trained MANY people(4 last year), who were dilligent folks making 20k per year waiting tables. Now, they are doing 50k plus, and getting ahead. It benefitted BOTH parties.

Also, in my community, I have spent time in classrooms at High School. I have blatantly told kids, do NOT wear your damn hat backwards, knock up your girl, and be financially screwed at age 18. We BOTH won. Alot of these kids are now customers of mine, and their credit rating are so strong. Most of these are of minority kids. Most of their counterparts, cannot get a loan for a hamburger.

14. Yes, seniors have dies due to lack of medicine im sure. Im sure others have died due to poor social services. LIBERALS invented these things, and RAN them for 40 years!

15. Free education? WHAT in a capitalistic country is free? Lets say I cant afford school, you are free to give me all the help you want, BUT I or my gov't cannot force you to do it.

We can list volumes of successful people, who WORKED through college. McDonalds or other. like Perot as I love him. Look at this biography, how he came up thru poor parents. 100000s of folks have stories like this. This is America, it is upto us to get off our keesters, and get it. (No anatomy book

As far as you spending hours on your post, I am honored you would take the time to respond to me. I sincerely, with no sarcasm, appreciate that.


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