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We need to come to an agreement how we will conduct the upcoming draft. We have the guys in the east who would love to do this by IM and the message board. I myself never know what the weather holds in store for me, so planning to be live at draft central is always tenative. If I am stuck up on the top of the mountain and don't want to risk life and limb to get to Doug's or Derek's or wherever we're having the draft, I will be on IM from begining to end. Let's reach an agreement how this will be conducted. If you agree with my method post it, e mail Doug, call Doug drive the point home.
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Well, I for one, think the IM - Message board way is a good idea. It takes Doug's e-mail draft that was conducted in June one step (maybe several steps) further. Even if several guys were congregated together, it doesn't mean that the IM/MB way won't also work in tandem.

Just my thoughts.
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