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It's that Fest'e'ive time once again. For those of you who don't know what the Feste Award is, check out the links at the bottom for a description and previous year's "Feste"ivities.

The winning Fool will receive an All Access Pass to all of our premium content! That includes everything on this page, and much more!

As always, we'd like to bestow The Feste Award on one member of the community who best exemplifies our mission of Learning Together:

Because this is a community award, the nominations for this award should bubble up from within. We'd like to use this discussion board to accept your nominations for The Feste Award. In order to nominate someone, you must include the following:

- member name
- a few paragraphs detailing why this person deserves the award
- links to 3 posts from 2011 that exemplify this person's dedication to the community and to Learning Together.

We'll accept submissions through March 14, review them internally, and whittle the list down to 10 candidates. From there, we'll let the community vote to determine the winner of the eleventh annual Feste Award!

A few points to mention:

- this isn't a lifetime achievement award. The winner should be chosen based on contributions from 2011 only.

- you must list 3 posts (boards or CAPS blog)from 2011 that exemplify the person's Feste deserving contributions or your nomination will not be considered.

- you must write a few lines about why this person is deserving or your nomination will not be considered.

- the more thoughtful your nomination, the more likely we'll give your candidate serious consideration.

- Past winners are exempt from this year's balloting and simply take their rightful places in the pantheon of community Fools. Past nominees who didn't win may be nominated again.

- TMF staff, despite how much you may love them are not eligible, though I'm sure they'd still love it if you sang their praises.

We always enjoy doing this and hope you do as well. Have fun!


Explanation of the Name and Origination of the Feste Award:

Past Feste winner and runners-up:

2010: Spinningwood
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I would like to nominate devoish:

Steven knows vehicle repair inside and out and has always been very helpful, plus he has considerable character and respect for fellow community members. Here are a few of his posts from 2011:

He contributes a great deal to the community in a VERY professional manner.

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I'll second the nomination, with enthusiasm and pleasure. Devoish is knowledgeable, generous with his time, incredibly patient and courteous and unfailingly helpful. My only regret is that I did not make the nomination myself.
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A Feste nominee is very nice company to be in.

Thank you,
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That depends how you define both "nice" and "company"
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Here is the link to the nomination of OrmontUS for Feste 2011.

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