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Well I made up my mind on the decision and really what it came down to is whether I wanted to pay now or later, meaning, do I get a high deductible and a low premium or low deductible and high premium. Since the dang thing goes to underwriting, I don't know exactly what the premium will run month to month.....I decided to go to the next highest deductible which is 2500 and the 1st payment was under 300 bucks. This includes 27 for dental.

This has been quite an interesting exercise for me......the questionnaire alone was a major undertaking........good lord they want to know everything.....all they have to do is look through my file at Anthem. Oh well, it was a good thing to go through but honestly I went through a full range of emotions after getting the news on Wed. afternoon that my health insurance was ending the end of this month.

When I was working, I had a whole lot of responsibilities....and I was at times overwhelmed and hurried. My manner was pretty cool at varied with whether I had a chitload of work to do or not.....I could be laid back and personal but I can see in hindsight the times I came across as uncaring....just very brisk and businesslike. I hate to say that 5 letter word for female dog but I reckon I was one at times down there. Anyway, I'm telling you this because since I retired, I've come across individuals with that same manner and it doesn't feel good....really let me know how I was coming across to others when I was working, in short, it's given me valuable insight so if I ever go to work again, I can use that info in dealing with others. The guy who gave me this news last Wed. was very cold and unfeeling and I knew when I hired him, that was the way he was. I've been told by the employees he could use a little I really understand.

Give me warm and fuzzy above cool and calculating or give me a slice of pie! :)

On another note, it warmed up to the 70's today, blue sky and sunshine....tomorrow it's supposed to be cold again. Good thing I went and got a new parka from Burlington Coat Factory yesterday....69.99 men's size L. I love all those pockets and it has down in it. That might even keep 2828 warm up there in cold IL, home of the pay for play Gov.

that is all, one crisis is behind and I'm sure one awaits me if I look hard enough...just say Stock Market.

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