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I am starting to research options and want to begin contributing the maximum $ ASAP to my 403b account.

I have been reading to go strictly with index funds or spiders. I have 20 available companies to chose from i.e. Janus, Fidelity, Vanguard.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Vanguard is the way to go. Some of the lowest fees in the business. From what I understand Janus got really burned because they were making all of their funds clones of each other. Every fund held Microsoft. Every fund held Lucent etc. Fidelity has some good funds as well. Being 28 I would go with VTSMX or the S&P 500 index fund at Vanguard and hold for the next 30 years.

I highly reccomend looking in on the Morningstar site.
They have a lot of info on every fund under the sun, but they also have a number of discussion boards with some real heavy hitters in the financial world. look in on the Vanguard Diehards and Investment Basics to start. The Diehards are rather conservative and are really into bonds right now.

Did you find out if you will receive an employer match? Be sure to post your decisions on LBYM. Then update us in a few months. Be aware of the fees and possible surrender charges of your 403(b) plan.

For the time being I've decided to stay away from my school's 403b because of the fees and charges. I'll stick to a Roth and building up my e-fund and $$ for my wedding.

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Two good sites to research low maintainence, but diversified indexed portfolios.
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