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Do we know yet if the Olympics are actually going to happen? I hear varying reports. Japan is apparently doing pretty lousy with their vaccination program and most of the Japanese people do not want the games to take place according to some polling.

I'd love to see the games but if it's going to be a significant health hazard for the host country then they should probably call them off.
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As of right now, they are happening.
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Money will dictate that the Games happen.
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The country, city and organizing committee as well as IOC are desperate to carry out the games. They are willing to do it in an Olympic Bubble, where the athletes and their coaches are isolated from the rest of the country. Already, no international guests will be allowed in the stands, and they may yet decide no locals will be allowed as well. In other words, the only way to watch will be on television. In that sense, we'll all be equal.

In any case, there will be no traditional global community coming-together that the Olympics usually represents in addition to the competitive games themselves.

Who notes the IOC's Dick Pound claimed in an NPR interview a week or so ago that it wasn't about money but the principle of not canceling the games, as well as not letting them run into the winter games next year...

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