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Hi Folks,

My order of Quicken Premier 2013 from Amazon placed on Saturday arrived on schedule this AM. Today was a holiday for me, so I went to work on the upgrade of my wife's Win 7 PC. That went so well that I decided to upgrade my Win 7 PC as well. After the upgrades, my wife and I decided to walk along the Cape Cod Canal while it was still nice out and we had a great early evening dinner.

I'm back and happy to report that the upgrade went well - not perfectly, but I encountered no problems that I counldn't work my way through. First, my wife's PC.

I ran this as an upgrade and left Quicken Premier 2010 on the PC for the QP2013 install. QP2013 recognized the previous install and automatically ran an uninstall of 2010 prior to the install.
Once the install ran from the CD, QP2013 automatically connected to the internet to download the latest version upgrade(s).
QP2013 then ran the upgrade successfully.
Once the install completed, QP2013 asked me to restore from a prior backup. That did not seem logical to me, and it continued to ask me for what to call a current backup. This was not intuitive to me, and I clicked a few file names to give it an existing file name and got by that prompt, but was really unsure what QP2013 was trying to do there (maybe it can only convert from an existing backup format?)
QP2013 then went through the conversion process of our 64,000 transactions. Our file dates back to 1983 and is stored on a shared network drive. Once through the conversion process, I had a few issues:
- a closed (and hidden) account found approximately $8,000. Not sure where that came from, but I opened the account detail, deleted the transaction, and the account balance went back to zero and I was happy.
- I ran the automatic download (for 4 different financial institutions and numerous accounts) using the Quicken Vault and all accounts updated successfully. However....
- It found the other half of a linked checking account to my brokerage account (Fidelity) and asked me if I recognized a number of new Securities. I said that each Security was a new Security (they were all various cash sweep accounts which Fidelity manages and I never bothered to track the various movements of my cash into various sweep accounts/securities)
- Once I finalized all of those transactions, I realized that I had gained an additional $4,000 (which I knew was incorrect) and I offset the new transactions by entering in offsetting share amounts and values. That worked for that account, but then I realized that a number of entries had been entered into my accompanying cash management account detail as well.
- I was able to locate the transactions in this account (which has 3,000 transactions in it) by filtering on "Unreconciled" transactions, and I found and deleted those the long lost transactions.
- My accounts were all in order at that point.

The overall look and navigation between QP2010 and QP2013 is fairly significant. The color scheme will take a bit getting used to. I think I preferred the colors for the various graphs which are now very different. The navigation using tabs and a command bar are also different, but I think the improvements will be better for overall navigation.

Once I took a spin through the program, I decided to close out and re-start, just to make sure that all was running fine. When I closed out, I realized that it did not ask me to take a backup, so I went back in and ran the backup manually, Watch out for this, as it defaulted to the "My Documents" folder and I store my backups in a consolidated C:\Backups\ folder. Make sure that you have your backup location set properly.

Once that was all set, I went back into the program a number of times and ran the update just to make sure all was good. I then clicked on each account to make sure that all of the transactions were still there.

I was pretty satisfied that the upgrade went well, so I decided to mosy over to my PC to have a go. For my PC, I elected to run the uninstall manually from the Control Panel. Once I had deleted QP2010, I was ready to install QP2013.

That install went without a hitch as well. The install from the CD ran first, then the download of the latest version from the internet, and then QP2013 completed the install from the update. I had the same issues with the Restore file nonsense, but finally got pointed to the new QP2013 file on the network. Once I pointed to the network, all was good. I could see all of the accounts and transactions as they should have been. I ran the update a few times to make sure that it was running and all accounts were getting updated. I moseyed around all of my accounts to make sure everything was there.

When I clicked on the Home Inventory account, the program ran through the install of the Home Inventory Program again. I guess this was because I ran an uninstall instead of an upgrade. I really wish Intuit would integrate the Home inventory into the main program - it is really a third-leg for sure.... But, once by the install and open of our Inventofy file, the program worked fine and I posted the balance back to the new, upgraded Quicken file.

I clicked on the Mobile tab but noticed that a Quicken Cloud account is required for that capability. I'm not sure I am ready to put all of my account information on the cloud, so I'll wait on that I think.

The only other thing that I wish that QP2013 would handle as a defalut account type is an HSA. My employer just offered new Health Insurance options and I chose the high deductible with an Health Savings Account. I searched in help to see if I was missing something, but there does not appear to be a native account type for an HSA. I would love to be able to download transaction activity into that HSA account.

Looks like my wife and I will be taking some time to go through the various features of the program. Of course, I also updated my Tax Plan and now see that according to QP2013, we are oweing a lot more in taxes than I was planning...

Good luck to those who run the upgrade. I would say that mine was a little more hassle than in the past, but my accounts and use of most features of the program probably make me ome of the more complicated users out there.

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