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Can you switch to a different 403b provider from your present one
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rjbolt Asked:

<<<Can you switch to a different 403b provider from your present one >>>

Yes you can. Provided you are not in a Title I TSA, because these are just like 401K (you get matching contributions).

If your organization has other 403b providers you can make arangements to have you present account rolledover to the new provider. If the provider you would like to use is not approved by your organization, then help the new provider to contact your administrator to make the arrangement.

Now the hard way. If your organization will not approve the provider of your choice, then have your contribution made to your current providers Money Market Fund (no commissions) and quarterly have the money roller over to the provider of your choice.

Most administrators don't want to approve a new provider for just One participant! If this is the case ask your administrator how many participants need to request a new provider before they are approved. Then work with the provider to educate your co-workers on why they would benefit from the same switch you want to make. The new provider will provide you the most help, it's more business for them.

Good Day!

Michael A
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