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This is a good read so you can understand why LED lighting is the inevitable future of lighting.

Ironically, Veeco hit a low just over $20 at the end of December, and has since climbed almost $10 for near 44% return YTD. But it is still undervalued. At $30/share they are trading at just 2.35 times cash, and 1.2 times sales. They have no debt at all, and an average 5yr EPS growth of 57%.

It's not all roses for Veeco, uncertainty about Chinese subsidies and global economic outlook have taken their toll. But within a few years LED lighting will become the standard in North America, Europe and other parts. If you read the article above you'll understand why. When Mr. Market hands you an opportunity like this, you need to take it.
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I've owned VECO., since
I am with you on this one.....

I think that VECO, will again go to

Another one with bright future is Universal Display,

Both great stocks for young investors to take
a chance.

The Eternal Bird
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