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This morning, Qwest Communications International Inc. and CAIS Internet (Nasdaq: CAIS), a pioneer in broadband access solutions, announced a strategic relationship worth approximately $69 million for the delivery of high-speed Internet access to new markets. Qwest has been awarded a $54 million contract from CAIS for high-speed Internet capacity and broadband Internet communications services. The agreement also calls for Qwest to invest $15 million in CAIS Internet to accelerate the company's network and high-speed multi-user technology.

Click on the Quote box above and scroll down to the "news" link to read the full press release.

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I'm traveling and am staying in a Hilton here in the DFW area. I utilizied Hiltons XDSL service today via the CAIS service and am extremely impressed with the speed.

I am having difficulties in sending mail from Outlook Express (and Netscape Navigator) through CAIS via my ISP e-mail account. I'm working with my ISP but to no avail. I was however, able to DL all of my mail and web surfing is fast. Signing up was extremely easy!!

Anyway, I've seen you posting in other boards and you seem to be a knowledgeable participant. Would like to know your thoughts on the profitability of this company (CAIS)


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