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***Long Post Alert***

Hi everyone. Sorry I never finished my "Hypno" reports. For those new to the board (or if you just want a refresher):

My Intro Report is here:
My Hypno week 1 report is here:
My Hypno weeks 2 & 3 report is here:

The remaining Hypno reports never seemed to materialize on TMF. I often thought about posting them but life always seemed to get in the way! (Sorry Rebecca, I know I said I'd do nine weeks of reports.) Basically, my hypno sessions continued along the same format as the first 3 weeks. The weekly sessions seemed to continually repeat the same things over and over again. The constant repetition is needed to "hardwire" the brain into the new lifestyle. I completed the program but haven't been back for any of the "follow-up" sessions that they let you attend. I haven't really felt the need and I can now put myself into self-hypnosis without any real work.

There have been several life changes since my last post/update here. Most crucial to this board:

Six months, one week, four days, 17 hours, 42 minutes and 52 seconds. 2936 cigarettes not smoked, saving $697.17. Life saved: 1 week, 3 days, 4 hours, 40 minutes.

I have almost recouped the cost of the Hypno program. The total program costs were $822.00. Yes, it seems like a lot when you say "Eight Hundred Twenty-Two Dollars" but look at my stats above. Not only have I almost saved the same amount of money but I've "bought" myself an additional 1 week, 3 days, 4 hours, 40 minutes which is priceless!!!

My overall outlook is still good. I rarely think about smoking even when I'm standing next to a smoker. The only time it has really bothered me was when I was taking some strong pain killers (for an unrelated medical issue). I found the pain killers had clouded my "hypno-reactions" with my "smoker-reactions" and the cravings would come and go. Luckily I didn't have to test my will-power because I also was not allowed to drive. The person who was driving me places is a non-smoker and I didn't want to try to convince him that I really needed a smoke but only while I was on the pain killers. :-)

My kids are much happier. My oldest son brags about mom doing the "hypno-thing" and he has been known to tell a smoking adult about it when he over hears someone mentioning the smokers favorite words: "I know I should quit but . . ." I've never smoked in the house or the car but I used to smoke in the garage. I know he is much happier with not having to plug his nose because he doesn't like the smell of a smoky garage.

I have managed to gain about 5 pounds or so since I have stopped smoking. I can't really blame that on the smokes though since I needed to lose weight anyway. I definitely have more energy now and find myself going for walks more. Great benefit for me, the kids, and the dogs!

Mentally I managed to complete my accelerated-learning paralegal course with a 4.02 GPA. I'm guessing that I didn't have the "mind wander" problem that many talk about. Now that I'm seriously looking for a full-time job I'm noticing how many want-ads state "Non-Smoking Office". I've always thought of smoking as something I did that didn't affect anyone else (since I've always been very polite about smoking around non-smokers). Now that I've been smoke-free for so long and can smell the smoke on others, I understand why an employer would want to hire a non-smoker over a smoker (medical issues aside).

Well, that about wraps it up. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm always willing to talk about my hypno success!

TMF Dawn

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Very interesting and a wonderful success for you. You reached the 6 month smoke-free anniversary and it seems that you did it without too much difficulty.

I hope people who are considering quitting use you as a resouce if hypnosis is something that interests them. I think if I were still smoking, I would try this method based on your success.

Continued good luck and thanx for checking in.
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Hi Dawn,

CONGRATS on your six months - sounds like you put much serious thought and effort into the hypnosis process. I love the idea of hardwiring our hardware :-) When I was 19 y/o, I was briefly working for my Dad and his company was offering hypnosis to the smokers. I had no desire to quit but was curious. I walked out of there feeling a bit "touched" and didn't smoke for 3 days just because I didn't feel like it. Powerful stuff. Now why I waited another 20 odd years to quit is another story. Like you, I have had many attempts.

Much continued success to you. Hope to see you post more often on your progress.

Five months, three days, 15 hours, 27 minutes and 34 seconds. 4699 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,644.76. Life saved: 2 weeks, 2 days, 7 hours, 35 minutes.

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Wow, a post about quitting smoking! I guess I'm not much of a socializer
but I like to see something on the subject once in a while.

Your report was very interesting because I always considered the hypnosis method to be a hoax. I went to one once in an auditorium full of people at $75.00 each. It was a joke. Sounds like a much different thing from what you described.

I found this board after you quit posting apparently so I'll go back to your original posts. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work. I'm sure it's still hard work even with the hypnosis. I used Wellbutrin to quit and that helped a lot but it's still a struggle at times.

Hang in there,
Jack G
Eight months, 17 hours, 23 minutes and 58 seconds. 9708 cigarettes not smoked, saving $1,456.10. Life saved: 4 weeks, 5 days, 17 hours, 0 minutes.
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Nice to see you again.
Congrats on the six months.
Wear your medal proudly.
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Thanks for the update. We really appreciate your long (but informative) posts. :-)

Please step up to the podium so that I may present you with this lovely silver medal in honor of your accomplishment. While I am draping the silver medal around your neck, may I also present you with a beautiful lei in honor of our Hawaiian surroundings.

Now grab a piece of roast pig (Petunia?) and some pineapple wine and let's do a hula here on the beach.

Sorry dawn, I just had to bring us back to the party.

Hawaiian hugs.

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Watching this old geezer with arthritis and knobby knees trying to hula should be enough to make you choke on your Mai Tai. I don't feel like hula tonight, anyhow. There's a BB King concert soon that would suit me more. One of my clients (not Daddy Warbucks) is dead set on buying some cheap property which happens to be slowly sliding down the mountainside...inch by inch, decade by decade. Is that what they mean by Local Motion?
Another client is falling in love with a nice townhouse but his wife is kind of upset because the previous owner committed suicide there. Meanwhile my best client's wife is busily throwing out 75% of the places I find because there's either a 4 or 9 in the address. Except for that, it's been a perfectly LOVELY day. Grrr....
I might just slip and have a cyberbeer tonight. I deserve one, and nobody except my fellow Quitters will ever know, right?
Dawn...six months with self-hypnosis. It's so powerful, and I hope you know you can use it for other things now, too. You really impress me, and I'm glad you showed up for the party. Now get up there and hula, while I pretend to be watching your hands. Hyakunen (gritting his teeth)
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Congrats Dawn on your continued quit!!!

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Great report and congrats on 6 months.

I can recall back in the first 3 days to maybe first couple of weeks I'd gladly paid $822 for no cravings, urges and boxing matches with ole' Nic.

My hats off to ya!!!


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Congratulations on 6 great months.

You are proof that there's no cost that's too great to quit smoking. Most everyone recoups the cost in the first year. And adding the lower medical bills to the money earned . . .

Just glad you're still with us.


One year, two months, five days, 16 hours. 5612 cigarettes not smoked, saving $771.67. Life saved: 2 weeks, 5 days, 11 hours.
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I got a little behind, but thanks for the update! That's awesome! I trust that by now Verna or Helen have been along to award you a SILVER MEDAL! Isn't that fantastic?

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